Public Screenings

6/7 December | Malmö @ TBA
26th November | Köln @ Filmclub 813
26th Novemver | Groning @ Sociaal Centrum Groningen
23th November | Chardonnet (France) with ABC Rio de Janeiro
20th November | Belgrade, Infoshop Furija
18th November | Kassel @ “Stadt Sehen” (Universität Kassel)
5th November | Clubhaus 20.00, Tübingen                                                                    31st October | Basel/Fribourg – Café Irrlicht                                                                     31st October | (bei Berlin) Kurt Löwenstein Haus – in*vision seminar/festival
18th October | London, Anarchist Bookfair
12th October | Paris, Festival Brésil en Mouvements
8th October | Hannover – Nordstadtbraut (Infoladen)                                                            4-5th October | Hamburg, Radical Bookfair
27th September | Berlin, Jockels Biergarten (Rote Hilfe)
26th September | Berlin @ Parallel Crossings Festival                                                      23d September | Berin @ M29 (Vosifa-Tresen)
20th September | Lisbon @ RDA
12th September | Zwischenraum Festival
26th August | New York @ The Base [USA Premiere!]
22th August | Trier
21st August | Duisburg, Syntopia
14th August | Bremen, A-Cafe
31st July | Zürich @ Infoladen Kasama, Militärstrasse 87a, Vokü & Film
28th July | Hong Kong, Autonomous 8a [China Premiere !]
23rd July | Berlin, im Mehringhof Versammlungsraum mit Schwarze Risse
19th July | Athens, Greece @ eftopiko ergastiri, Kerameikos  
14th July | Lohmühle, Berlin (anschließend Soli-Party für Aktivist_innen aus Brasilien)
13th July | Köln @ Menschenrechtsfestival, Allerweltshaus Köln e.V.
13th July | Innsbruck @ Cafe DeCentral
12 July | Berlin @ Schilling-Bar, Neukölln
12th/13th July | Leipzig @ Filmfestival Flimmergarten
11th July | Köln King Georg
11th July | Lübeck, Alternative e.V. – Cafe Brazil
06th July | Rosenheim
04th July | Frankfurt a.M., BASH-CAMP
03rd July | Q-Kino, Manteufelstr. 90, Berlin Kreuzberg
02nd July | Kottbusser Tor, Berlin Kreuzberg (Unofficial Berlin Premiere)
28th June | Fusion Festival, Lärz (Unofficial World Premiere)
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Trailer here



This is the official blog for the documentary film “We don’t like Samba”, created by c.i.s./berlin in 2014. Here you can watch and download the film, as well as keep up with updates regarding upcoming events, public screenings and the lot. You can also find information about donations for the project.

Hope you enjoy the film, please spread and share! More info soon.